Thermal Break Wall Systems

ACS’s Thermal Break Wall Systems gives Envelope Consultants and Designers the ability to meet the industry standards.

Our wall systems deal with thermal bridging where it occurs in the assembly, which makes it easier for designers to meet all criteria required by ASHRAE 90.1 and National Energy Code Board (NECB) for wall assemblies.

With Our Systems:

  • You meet Building Codes
  • You meet all of ASHRAE 90.1 2010 and the NECB requirements
  • You can adjust to allow for imperfect walls
  • You lower overall heat loss
  • You deal with thermal bridging
  • You get assemblies where the thermal performance is greatly improved
  • You get higher overall R-values to help with LEED projects
  • You improve Energy Efficiency, which saves money
  • You have a non-combustible wall system
  • Your wall thickness can be minimized to give maximum usable square footage

ACS’s Patented Thermal Break Solid S-Clip and Adjustable A-Clips greatly reduces the effects of thermal bridging in wall systems.  The Adjustable A-Clip is a unique assembly because the installers have the ability to adjust the depth of the clip to accommodate differences in vertical walls or soffits.  Our clips, combined with PROLOFT in Wall Systems, greatly reduce the effects of thermal bridging.  Therefore, the insulation value can be fully realized for higher thermal performance.

Below find our product information:

  • ACS Thermal Clip Design Guide
  • ACS Thermal Clip Structural Design Guide
  • ACS Thermal Clip Cost per Sq Ft – Canadian and US
  • Comparative Thermal Performance of Intermittent Cladding Supports
  • Specification for Thermal Cladding Support Systems.



ACS Structure Design Guide – Version 3 – Sealed 2017 08 30

A & S Clip Cost per Sq Ft – Cdn 10-11-18

A & S Clip Cost per Sq Ft – USA 10-11-18

Comparative Thermal Performance 9-27-18

Comparative Thermal Performance 9-27-18