ACS Thermal Clips

ACS Thermal Clips create a highly efficient attachment system that reduces the effect of thermal bridging. Each clip is composed of a combination of stainless steel (known for robustness, low thermal conductivity, and high melting point) and an insulation base with a thermal resistance of R-3 per pad.

ACS Thermal Clips are available in two configurations, ACS S-Clip™ (solid) and ACS A-Clip™ (adjustable). Both types of clips are composed of stainless steel and include a thermal break pad at the back (insulation/moisture barrier interface). Both clips also include cut-outs that represent 15% to 20% of the clip volume in order to reduce the quantity of conductive material and further enhance its purpose of reducing the effects of thermal bridging in wall systems.


  • Superior Thermal Performance: ACS Thermal Clips effectively reduce the effect of thermal bridges in exterior wall assemblies.
  • Easy to Install:  ACS Thermal Clips are compatible with all types of insulation, including rigid panels, and do not require any exclusive channels, girts, or rails. The rails can be installed horizontally or vertically from the outside of the clip, which reduces the amount of steel needed to mount the cladding.
  • Greater Structural Capacity: Stainless steel offers more rigidity than other materials such as aluminum and FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic). This optimizes the spacing between the clips, thus reducing the number of clips required to support the exterior cladding and the costs associated with materials and installation.
  • Reduce Costs: Allows the use of less insulating material, thus reducing the total thickness of the assembly as well as the costs associated with the materials used in its composition.

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