In 2019, ACS Composite Systems partnered with STACBOND® to bring an industry leading, European ACM plank to western Canada. As a strategic distribution partner, ACS Composite Systems stocks a range of commonly used colours and finishes, reducing manufacturing lead time on projects within Canada.

STACBOND® is the leading company in the composite panel market in Spain, which develops, produces and markets aluminum composite panels.

The STACBOND® composite panel is a material made up of two aluminum sheets and an inner core filled with minerals. It has excellent mechanical properties, providing bending stiffness with reduced weight, surface flatness, durability and ease of maintenance.

It is specially designed both for newly built ventilated facades and for their renovation or rehabilitation . It provides solutions adaptable to all fields of architecture.

The manufacturing standard consists of an outer layer of aluminum alloy 5005 and an inner layer of 3105. There are two different cores available depending on their mineral load, which can become incombustible or fireproof, and being classified (according to the UNE 13501 -1:2007) as A2-s1, d0 (STACBOND® A2) and B-s1, d0 (STACBOND® FR).

Download the attachments below to view the wide range of colors, textures and natural finishes.