ACP Systems-1

ACP Systems-1 Overview

In order to be net zero energy ready by 2030, designers require a thermally efficient, non-combustible cladding system that is both cost effective and engineered for the highest level of performance. This proprietary composite panel assembly is our most popular choice when designing a premium architectural façade. Continue reading below to learn the benefits of using ACP Systems-1 on your next project.

  • CAN/ULC S134 Approval: ACP Systems-1, constructed with STACBOND® FR Core, is the only Intertek listed wall assembly that meets the requirements for non-combustible aluminum composite cladding. ACP Systems-1 listing in the Intertek Total Quality Assurance program ensures that every component of the wall assembly is tested to the highest standards, with the manufacturing process audited regularly for quality assurance.
  • AAMA 508 Approval: ACP Systems-1, constructed with STACBOND® FR Core, meets the performance requirements for air leakage, pressure equalization, and water penetration resistance when tested to AAMA 508, ASTM E331 and AAMA 501.1.
  • ASTM E330 Approval: ACP Systems-1, constructed with STACBOND® FR Core, meets the structural performance requirements of ASTM E330.
  • Premium Finishes: ACP Systems-1 can be utilized with industry leading ACM plank such as STACBOND® FR Core and STACBOND® A2 Core.
  • Value Engineering: Minimize wall thickness and reduce material use by combining ACP Systems-1 with the Soprema Protected Wall Assembly for your next project. Check out Soprema’s “Build Better Guide” to learn about designing a premium wall assembly that meets energy targets for net zero buildings at a cost similar to traditional fiber cement assemblies.
  • Ease of Installation: Originally developed for use in Victoria, BC, the ACP Systems-1 panel has been designed with an easy to install cladding attachment system that meets the highest seismic and rainscreen building code requirements in Canada. Utilizing this system will reduce labour costs while maintaining the integrity of structural and building envelope engineering.
  • Superior Rainscreen Technology: ACP Systems-1 is a pressure equalized panel system utilizing drains to ensure moisture does not become trapped behind the panel. Combine ACP Systems-1 with STACBOND® FR Core for an industry leading a non-combustible rainscreen cladding.

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